Sperm leakage can delay conception in women

Pregnant woman

Pregnant woman

Dr Adaora Ukoh, an Abuja-based Gynaecologist, said sperm leakage after sex could delay conception in women.

Ukoh said this in an interview  on Thursday in Abuja.

She explained that sperm leakage was normal and expected if there was enough ejaculation.

According to her, though most of the sperm leaks out, there are still hundreds of sperm swimming around that can fertilize eggs in some women, depending on the condition of the uterus.

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Ukoh, however, said that some factors such as oil-based lubricants could cause sperm to leak out of the vagina after intercourse and that could lead to delayed conception.

She identified hotness of the uterus; abortion; fibroid and gravity as causative factors of sperm leakage, thereby delaying conception.

She added that “if the potential of hydrogen (PH) level of the uterus is too acidic, the sperm will not be able to stay alive.

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“The uterus must not be too acidic, neither should its alkalinity be too much; its balance must be maintained for sperm to stay alive.

“Besides, cleaning the vaginal canal of artificial lubricants is one of the key ways to reduce sperm leakage.”

She advised women to urinate shortly before sex, saying it helps to relax the nerves of the cervix, as well as reduce sperm leakages.

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“Women should avoid positions that allow sperm to leak out while having sex; being on top is not advisable, especially if you want to conceive,’’ she advised.

Ukoh also counselled women seeking to conceive to place a pillow under their hips during sexual intercourse in order to elevate the pelvis for easy passage of sperm.

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