Why income of College graduates is higher than university graduates in Germany

Germany College graduates

Germany College graduates


By Hawa Lawal

The gross annual income of college graduates is higher than that of university graduates after five years of full time employment, German minister for education and research said on Sunday in Berlin.

Johanna Wanka explained that in Germany, a college, also known as Fachhochschule, is an education institution designed with a focus on teaching professional skills.

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He says it differs from a university mainly through its more practical orientation, but awards legally equivalent academic bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Wanka said that the average salary per year of college graduates is 47,700 euros (53,636 dollars), higher than that of university graduates with 41,550 euros.

“The income difference can be explained because college is more technology and natural science-oriented.

“That is why people in such majors get better paid.”

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He said that a total of 4,600 graduates from a class of 2009 took part in a study “and the result confirmed that higher education protects against unemployment.

“Result of the study also confirmed that higher education helps to produce better income and is usually a key to career success.”

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