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8 simple ways to cut your fuel cost




It is very  important to own a car especially in developing countries where public transportation is not popular, however maintaining it could be expensive because of the rising fuel price. If you do not check your spending on fuel, it could drain your finances. We present below experts advice on how to reduce your car’s fuel consumption.

1.  Regular service
Cutting your fuel cost starts with regular attention to your engine. You must service your car regularly and have professionals, examine your exhausts, fuel, filter, carburetor, air and oil filter etc. Excessive release of carbon monoxide (co2)from your exhausts indicates your engine is consuming more fuel. Constant check of this will save you money and save environments of hazards.

2 .  Plan your trip

You don’t  have to go everywhere. Wherever you want to visit, plan it in order to save your stress and money. Visit people or attend occasions located around places no too far from each other at the same time. Avoid driving at a period traffic is high, as this will enable you to burn less fuel and spend less.

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3 . Shed weight

Take off all loads from your vehicle to make it higher for movement .Empty your boot as much as you can. Drop the roof rack, sun roofs and other adornments that obstruct easy movement of the car and consumes more fuel.

4.   Use the cruise button

Use the cruise control button to keep your car on stable acceleration, thus reducing speed fluctuations arising from sharp acceleration and braking which  often increases fuel consumption. Most current cars now have ‘cruise control’ button usually placed by the wheel. Manufacturers and experts say driving slowly between 50mph to 60mph is the most fuel efficient.

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5.   Inflate tyres regularly
Consistently inflate your tyres to the manufacturers recommended pressure. And this is often written on the tyre and also the car manufacturers manual. You should not wait until your tyre goes flat before you pump it as this will drag your car and burn fuel faster. If you inflate tyres correctly and regularly, your fuel efficiency will improve by three percent.

6.   Turn off air conditioning
Air conditioning consumes more fuel. Turning off air conditioning and opening the windows will save you money, experts say this will increase your fuel efficiency by 8%. You’ll save more if you neither use the air conditioning  nor open the windows fully when weather is friendly.

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7.   Switch off engine
Staying in traffic for hours burns fuel fast. Always switch off your engine if you know you are going to be at the same spot for more than three minutes. This is also healthy for the car.

8.   Don’t run the engine endlessly in the name of warming the car
Don’t ignite your car and leave the engine to run endlessly if you know you are not ready to move the car. This burns fuel unnecessarily. Also do not  rev the engine unnecessarily when you want to go or when the car has already stopped.

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