Dermatologist advises women who use make-up



A Dermatologist, Dr Olayiwola Adeyemo has advised women who use make-up to ensure it is washed off before going to bed to avoid skin irritation and allergies.

Adeyemo told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Ilorin that most of the things used for makeup contained chemicals that might have reactions on the skin if left overnight.

“’Make-up have now become part and parcel of our women, but it is unfortunate that most of them don’t know what it entails.

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“Chemicals used in making these products are strong and could be harmful if left on the skin for too long.

“As it is now, we cannot tell them not to apply make-up; they just have to take some precautions.

“And the precautions include but not limited to, washing off the make-up before going to bed to avoid skin irritation or allergies.

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`At times, some of these products can even cause cancer, so, they have to be very careful, ” he said.

The dermatologist added that women should also endeavour to check expiry dates of their make-up products.

He said most women had been using their make-up products for a long time without bothering about the expiry date.

“Some women have been using their make-up products for the past two to three years and did not even bother to know when it will expire, as long as it has not finished.

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“This in itself exposes them to a large risk apart from leaving the make-up on their faces.

“So, it is important one look out for this to be on the safe side,’’

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